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Adam Teller
Adam Teller

"I live at Running Antelopehouse ruins, Canyon Del Muerto/Canyon De Chelly"
"I specialize in Storytelling and teaching the Dineh ways"
"My Grandparents were Medicine People, and they have Blessed me with the Sacred Knowledge and Stories of long ago"
"On my tour you hear the true stories of the Long Walk to Ft. Sumner and the stories of my Great, Great, Great, Grandpa, known as Barboncito"

Adam's Biography in Business

Authorized Guide of the National Park Service for 30 years.
Endorsed and reccommended by the Navajo Nation and Arizona state Tourism office
President and founding member of the Navajoland Entrepreneur Association, Inc.
Featured Native Storyteller at the 2004 annual 4 Corners Storytelling Festival in Farmington, New Mexico
T.V. Apperance on C.B.S. Sunday Morning News on January 7, 2007
Featured Storyteller at the Annual Indian Arts shows in Tucson, Arizona
Recommended by AAA Via Magazine

Ben Teller
Ben Teller

Ben Teller was born inside the Canyon De chelly, and grew up inside at Tsegi overlook area
Ben is a teacher and storyteller for the N.P.S. (National Park Service) and is often requested to guide for his expertise in interepretation of rock art
He is also an excellent singer and entertainer for the Navajo people
He has been featured in several newspaper articles like the Arizona Republic and Navajo times
He is one of the few "year round residents" of Canyon Del Muerto, with his house located at Running Antelope House Ruins site
Ben also specializes in overnight camping tours and hiking excursions into the heartland of the canyons

Antelope House Tours is 100% owned and operated by the Navajo people from the Canyon de Chelly

Don't be fooled by our competition's misleading and misrepresenting advertisments - some of these other companies aren't even Navajo owned

We have the best Navajo guides in the tour business and we are the most professional at teaching the Navajo culture as well as the ancient cultures

Our company has the best storytellers and teachers in Canyon De Chelly or Canyon Del Muerto - and the best on the reservation

All of our guides are the best in the business and should you choose to request a specific guide, please ask in writing or by e-mail

Adam Teller is a very popular guide and will have advanced requests made for his service - sometimes changes happen on short notice and he also leads the group tours. If you want him as your guide sometimes you have to join the group tour for that specific day of the tour.

Deposit is required for arranging the best and most authentic tour of Canyon De Chelly / Canyon Del Muerto for individual and group tours

Deposit is non-refundable and will be applied towards your total tour fees

On our tour you see such sites as First Ruins, Junction House, Ceremonial Cave Ruins, Running Antelope House Ruins, and White House Ruins on a halfday tour (3 hours or so)

You also get professional and expert rock art intrepetation at Kokopelli's Cave, Petroglyphs Rock, and Ute Raid Panels

So come take an intrepretive journey into our world and feed your spiritual soul with true and authentic stories of the ancient ones

We are open all year round, including holidays


Prices subject to change at anytime throughout the year.

Make sure you are 100% sure of your trip, before you reserve and book your tour reservations, as there are no refunds of booking fees or deposits, even if reservations are made far in advance - no exceptions. Last minute changes are sometimes necessary and a particular guide is not guaranteed, as we do have last minute changes to our tour schedules. Antelope House Tours is a company of reliable and knowledgable Navajo guides that are equal or similar in skills and ability.


Private 4 X 4 Vehicle Tours (per vehicle)

$55.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your reservations

4x4 tour (3 hours) = $165.00 for 1-3 people
4x4 tour (3 hours) = $220.00 for 4 people
4x4 tour (3 hours) = $275.00 for 5 people
4x4 tour (3 hours) = $330.00 for 6 people

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4 hour 4x4 tour = $220.00 for 1-3 people
4 hour 4x4 tour = $275.00 for 4 people
4 hour 4x4 tour = $330.00 for 5 people
4 hour 4x4 tour $385.00 for 6 people

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All day 4x4 tour $440.00 for 1-3 people (includes credit card fees)
All day 4x4 tour $495.00 for 4 people (includes credit card fees)
All day 4x4 tour $550.00 for 5 people (includes credit card fees)
All day 4x4 tour $605.00 for 6 people (includes credit card fees)

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